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Welcome to my writing universe!
I’m a Danish author (born 1972) who grew up in a Copenhagen suburb called Albertslund. In 2005 I moved to Køge (which is approx. 40 km south of Copenhagen) together with my family. Køge (or Koege) is an old medievial town. It is unknown when the town was founded, however it was recognized as an official market town in 1288.
In my teenage years I loved to read and write, but as time went on, it was only the reading that stuck with me. It wasn’t until I were on maternity leave with my daughter (in 2001) that the the idea of ​having a book ​published emerged. The manuscript was never accepted and in the end I pushed aside the thought. Many years went by before the thought reappeared in 2012, and this time I decided to work more seriously with the dream, and that paid off.
In 2014 I submitted the Danish manuscript for ‘The Book of Shadows’ to the publishing house Tellerup and within a month they let me know that they would like to publish my book. 

In 2020  'The Heir to the Demon Ruler' series was translated into English.
I get inspiration for my stories all places and often they have a paranormal hint as I am very interested in the paranormal world myself.

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